60 Minute Man Side 2 - Jukebox Jimmy’s Guide to Music

• December 29th, 2017

Side 2 of Podrophenia's Juke Box Jimmy podcast - Sixty Minute Man

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60 Minute Man Side 1 - Jukebox Jimmy’s Guide to Music

• December 29th, 2017


RIP the Pellicci legend and occasional Podrophenia contributor that was Jukebox Jimmy. You may have heard Jim popping up with his home made jingles or phoning in to choose a track.

On one of Mondo's regular visits to Pellicci's he was joined by Paul Tunkin of Blow Up records - for a lunchtime chat and roaring three-way rattle about with Jim, on all shades of musical doings. As a follow up JBJ very kindly compiled and narrated a sixty minute podcast of some cherished tunes for Paul and myself - with Jim explaining the background to the tracks - how he came to hear a tune, or what to look for in the song writing, vocals or arrangement.

Jim was a genuine Jockney, moving from Glasgow to London in 1959. During the sixties, and through the seventies he buzzed about the pubs and clubs of the East End DJing at notoriously moody boozers such as The Blind beggar, The Hospital Tavern, Kate Odders and The Green Gate. Jim's also something of a musical purist, and an avid record collector (hard copies only - CD or vinyl, no digital editions here) still scouring around the capital, sourcing and storing away singles and albums from his favoured genres.

So may we present to you side one of  the most personal of podcasts you're likely to hear - from our Pellicci pal - Mr Jimmy and 60 Minute Man

Side 2 to follow shortly 

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Podrophenia Christmas Party with BaVard and Caitlin King

• December 22nd, 2017


The Podrophenia Christmas special gathers together some of most talented young musicians from the Southend area: Bavard - an award winning talented trio with a combined age of 40, and the acoustic magic of Caitlin King (16). Settle yourself by our radio fireside for a live session from both, festive puns, and some seasonal songs - including Donald Trump covering two tinsel tunes. And who are Beanie, Bobble and Slouch.. All here and all free...

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Podrophenia solo artists with Doojip live in session

• November 27th, 2017


Solo artists and band members who've bolted the band for a musical breakout are the theme of this Podro. We've got TWO new tunes from Blow Up records - (Usselman and The Bongolian). A world exclusive spin of the new Rollin’ Machine single - Off the Clock. And live in session are Gary and Paul from Doojip, current faves of Pete Townshend and endorsed by the Who.

#mod #thewho #doojip

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Podrophenia - Magic

• November 27th, 2017


Tonight Mondo and Piley played a playlist of magical music and songs. There are pop quizzes, the gig guide, magic puns and chat about Fives' 40th birthday celebrations puns. Plus a world exclusive of new single by The Bongolian. 

Magic Man - The Aliens
Magic Man - Heart
Partial to Your Abracadabra - Ian Dury & The Blockheads
Magic Carpet Ride (Steir's Mix) - Steppenwolf
Voodoo Voodoo - Laverne Baker
Do You Believe In Magic - Loving Spoonful
Sheldon Churchyard - Larry John Wilson
Hocus Pocus - Focus
Fortune Teller - Benny Spellman
Vanishing Girl - Dukes of The Stratosphere
Season of the Witch - Donovan
Magic Touch - Bobby Fuller Four
I'm A Bigger Badder Bro Than Any Game of Thrones - The Bongolian

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Podrophenia salutes ten years of The Railway..

• October 2nd, 2017

Ten years ago The Railway in Southend opened it's doors with new owner installed Dave Dulake . It's gone on to become one of the most celebrated boozers in southern England - if not the entire country..


Film crews, TV broadcasters and Sunday supplement scribblers all have made their way to Southend Central-wards to capture the music and magic of the pub. And Wilko Johnson is such a regular - his boat-race has ended up on the Pub's banner.

Podrophenia has been broadcasting from the R four years, putting on live nights their for five, While I've been  quacking on about it since this...

So for the latest Podrophenia Piley and self celebrate 10 years of Southend's most musical and vegan foodie boozer - The Railway. There's a beautiful acoustic set from Dave Woodcock (with news on his second Blow Up album). Fi Dulake is in for a chat about the history of and future plans for the pub..

And we bring you tracks from some fave bands and gigs that have taken place over the last ten years at The Railway including a track from the due soon Steve West Weston album

Plus  a pop quiz: what is the live Wilko tune played and which artiste gets on the playlist twice in TWO diff turns

Screen test: spot the Mondo blogging bass player and Fi Dulake on drums...

All here and all free...

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Podrophenia - Yacht Rock Special

• September 14th, 2017


This evening Mondo and Piley played songs from the Yacht Rock catalogue - New Yacht, Classic Yacht, Funk Yacht and more. Special guests Steven Hastings adjudicated and chose some tunes.

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Podrophenia - Goes Plus Size!

• September 14th, 2017


This evening Mondo and Piley played the biggest songs. The new band Big Jacket played live in studio and picked some of their favourite songs.

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Podrophenia Art and Cultcha

• August 15th, 2017


Tonight Mondo and Piley played songs about art and artists. In the studio Jack Browning painted live and Carl Hawkins chose some of his favourite tunes.

Andy Warhol - Dana Gillespie Modern Art - Art Brute Books and Water - Ian Dury & The Blockheads Keep On Keepin' On - Steve Hooker King's Lead Hat - Brian Eno Modern Art - The Black Lips Paint It Black - Johnny Harris Pictures of Matchstick Men - Status Quo Interiors (Song for Willem de Kooning) - Manic Street Preachers Calyspo Boogaloo - Mighty Sparrow 007 - Soul Pressure Caravan - Pucchio Roelens Rainy Night in Georgia - The Gladitors The Nitty Gritty - Gladys Knight & The Pips

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Podrophenia Acoustic with Whom By Fire live in session

• August 14th, 2017

Tonight Mondo and Piley played a selection of acoustic treats. Whom By Fire played live in the studio. Mickie D tales tales of the Sixties Southend music scene and about the upcoming Leigh Folk Festival.

Rod Stewart - Maggie May (earlier version) Rodney Bewes - Meter Maid KISS - Going Blind Whom By Fire live in the Studio Dump The Bitch The Freedom Song Dick Marc Bolan - Metal Guru (acoustic) David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust (demo) Tir Na Nog - Come and See The Show Gluepot - Lulu The Bear Chas & Dave - Ain't No Pleasing You Buddy Holly - Mailman Bring Me No More Blues Fairport Convention - Matty Groves Bob Dylan - Most Likely You Go Your Way And I'll Go Many Cat Stevens - Where Do The Children Play Ivor Cutler - Hold The Barrell Steady

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