Podrophenia Cars

• March 19th, 2016

Loaded with rev and rumble - this month's Podrophenia features all of the following: 

A walloping live session from Rollin' Machine

Some debut plays from their new (and strictly limited) EP. 

Tiny Piley playing a Krautrock classic and a TV Theme on his piano..
Keep a copy in your glove compartment here

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Podrophenia - Fashion with Fee Doran

• February 21st, 2016


Piley and Mondo are joined by designer, DJ and photographer Fee Doran, Fee has designed for Kylie Minogue, The Darkness, Scissor Sisters and The Killers. Fee chats about her designs, Voodoo dresses, music and Southend Rock.

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Podrophenia Bowie remembered and Island City in Session

• January 26th, 2016


For January's Podrophenia we have a live session from Island City - bringing their brand of acoustic northern soul into the SFOB studio. There's a few tunes from our fave 2015 albums, a rare Bowie demo of All the Young Dudes and respin of David Woodcock and Angel Melodyhorn doing a tango twist on Let's Dance...

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Podrophenia - the Black Edition with Howling Black Soul live

• December 9th, 2015

The latest Podrophenia from Piley and the other one is now up for download. A black special (all tracks fitted around the theme of black). Suitable tunes and unsuitable chat! Including awful pun shop names, your own Scandinavian death metal band name, brand bands, eccentric top trumps, and a  Q and A with Tiny Piley

PLUS, an extended and exclusive live session from local volume-botherers Howling Black Soul with Mondo now installed on bass..

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Podrophenia - All Girl Action

• November 14th, 2015


 With Mondo away in Italy Piley is joined by Dan Dan the Bacon Man in this All Girl Special. Obviously the only person to join them to sing songs was Tim Sully. There is also a surprise appearance by David Woodcock.

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Podrophenia Dogtober

• October 7th, 2015

The October edition of Dogrophenia is now up for grabs. David Woodcock and Angel Melodyhorn are live with exclusive reveals of brand new tunes, While Piley and I pitch in with Bowie covers, Blow Up belters, 70s rockers and Howling Black Soul on the pooch-based playlist...  


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Podrophenia the Electro edition…

• September 13th, 2015


The Lectro edition of Podrophenia brings you special guests: Lloyd Price of Massive Ego and Barry Cain ex-Record Mirror punk reporter and former Flexipop boss..

Wherein you’ll hear new tunes from Massive Ego and Barry's twin-fisted tales of Rat Scabies transatlantic raffle, Dave Gahan bothered with dead bodies and bananas (not at the same time tho), Ian McCulloch being a grumpy bunny and how Zodiac Mindwarp killed of Flexipop...

 Plus a couple of exclusive Flexipop editions of Depeche and Marc Almond tunes

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Radio Podrophenia - Generations

• August 7th, 2015


Like The Who sang - the kids are alright... As Piley and Mondo are joined by P & M Jr for our Generations edition.. There's also a phone in from Piley Snr, tunes from our uncles (The Essex Brothers. and The Habits). Plus surprise appearances from Rueben the Glass Man, Steve Swindle and Liz 'n' Hans from Holland.... and some impressions of the Dad's Army cast by Tiny Piley age 7 - all here if you fancy a download....
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Our 100th Podrophenia with The Long Run live - download and dig in here

• July 14th, 2015


Worra walloper, worra wing-ding worra way to celebrate our centenary and six years of Podrophenia 
Huge salutes are due to the ever-glowing Jo Mondo and Citizen Marmite for bringing in the birthday bling. To George Crockford for the Ship Full of Bombs tech decks duties. Hubbs for the Jingles.. To the guests and chippers in Tommo and Sam (Mondo Jrs) Alan Cathouse, Drakey, Grant, Steve Swindle, Jack Gestures,. Mark Dredge, Ruben, Baz, Bob, Paul FSP – and roaring toot is due to The Long Run boys Darren Gavin and Joe for ripping the roof off the The Railway…

If you were there, or want to be hear the hi-jinx and hat-popping performance from The Long Run, download and dig it here…

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Radio Podrophenia 99 - Ice Cream

• June 13th, 2015

99th edition of Podrophenia. And what better way to celebrate but make it all things Ice Cream. Special guest appearance from Larry Grogan from Funky16Corners

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