60 Minute Man Side 1 - Jukebox Jimmy’s Guide to Music



RIP the Pellicci legend and occasional Podrophenia contributor that was Jukebox Jimmy. You may have heard Jim popping up with his home made jingles or phoning in to choose a track.

On one of Mondo's regular visits to Pellicci's he was joined by Paul Tunkin of Blow Up records - for a lunchtime chat and roaring three-way rattle about with Jim, on all shades of musical doings. As a follow up JBJ very kindly compiled and narrated a sixty minute podcast of some cherished tunes for Paul and myself - with Jim explaining the background to the tracks - how he came to hear a tune, or what to look for in the song writing, vocals or arrangement.

Jim was a genuine Jockney, moving from Glasgow to London in 1959. During the sixties, and through the seventies he buzzed about the pubs and clubs of the East End DJing at notoriously moody boozers such as The Blind beggar, The Hospital Tavern, Kate Odders and The Green Gate. Jim's also something of a musical purist, and an avid record collector (hard copies only - CD or vinyl, no digital editions here) still scouring around the capital, sourcing and storing away singles and albums from his favoured genres.

So may we present to you side one of  the most personal of podcasts you're likely to hear - from our Pellicci pal - Mr Jimmy and 60 Minute Man

Side 2 to follow shortly 

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